International Primary School Division

[Feb 6, 2023]
Outline of Kyushu Lutheran School - International Primary School Division (Draft plan)
  •  Kyushu Lutheran School, established in 1926 in Kumamoto, has decided to open the international school primary school division in cooperation with AOBA International School Group in Tokyo.

The entrance of Kyushu Lutheran School

  • The school is scheduled to open in April 2024. (Kyushu Lutheran School will set up the school facilities for the division in 2023.) Six grades from 1st to 6th grades are set up simultaneously in April 2024.
  • The official website will open, and school information fair, trial sessions and summer school will be held in 2023.
  • The international primary school is designed for foreign students (including children of TSMC assignees) and local students.
  • Akard Hall (two-story reinforced concrete frame with total floor area of approx. 530 square meters) in Kyushu Lutheran School will be renovated as the primary school division building.

    AKard Hall

  • The division consists of 6 grades with students' ages ranging from 6 to 12 (The base date for the ages shall be April 1, 2024.)
  • The admission selection method is under consideration. It will be posted on the website once determined.
  • A class size is approx. 20 students. Class teachers teach following the IB PYP program.
  • All the member of the teacher organization will complete International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program (IB PYP) teacher training. Six class teachers and four special subject teachers will be hired.
  • The school aims to obtain IB PYP certificate by 2027.
  • The first-year tuition fee will be about 1.5 million yen. (About 1.2 million yen from the following years.)
  • Summer school is planned to be jointly held with Aoba International School.
  • School bus service (2 routes are planned) will be available (upon request) and transport by parents is also possible.
  • School-lunches prepared/ cooked in the Kyushu Lutheran School cafeteria will be served (upon request).
  • Classes are basically taught in English, except for 4 hours/week Japanese classes for Japanese and non-Japanese students separately.
  • ICT education (using laptops and tablets) will be actively introduced.
  • Uniform design (for summer/ winter uniforms) is planned to be based on Luther Junior & Senior Highʼs.
  • Students from the primary school education teacher training course of Kyushu Lutheran College will provide Japanese primary school study support after school. Japanese, math, etc. tutoring in line with the Courses of Study (government guidelines for teaching) is considered to be provided upon request.


      Contact: Michiaki Matsumoto (President of Kyushu Lutheran College), Project Leader